The Bastakia Quarter was build in the late 19th century to be the home of wealthy Persian merchants who dealt
  mainly in pearls and textiles, and were lured to Dubai because of the tax-free trading and access to Dubai Creek. Bastakia occupies the
   eastern portion of Bur Dubai along the creek and the coral and limestone buildings here, many with walls topped with
   wind-towers, have been excellently preserved. Wind-towers provided the homes here with an early form of
   air conditioning, with the wind trapped in the towers funnelled down in to the houses. Persian merchants likely
   transplanted this architectural element ( Common in Iranian Coastal houses ) from their home country to the Gulf.
   Lined with distinct Arabian Architecture, narrow lanes are highly evocative of a bygone, and much skower, age in
   Dubai's history. Inside the district you will find the Majlis Gallery with its collection of traditional Arab ceramics
  and fruniture ( housed in a wind-tower ) and the XVA Gallery with a contemporary art collection
   ( located in one of the historic buildings ).